A Minute More

A Minute More is a frequently posted article looking at the life and thought of St. Thomas More with the purpose of encouraging lawyers and judges in Maryland to publicly support and encourage the spiritual development of its members in their Catholic faith by becoming familiar with the life and thoughts of St. Thomas More.

A Minute More will be a brief article that looks St. Thomas More, the greatest lawyer of his time, who was a dedicated husband and father with a deep and profound commitment to his Catholic faith, his profession and his fellow man.

    These articles will:

  • Encourage our members to live a Christian life (by apply the principles and ideals exemplified by St. Thomas More in their lives and encourage same in the legal profession);
  • Promote and encourage high ethical principals (in the legal profession generally and, in particular, in the community of Catholic lawyers);
  • Assist in the spiritual growth of its members; and
  • Encourage interfaith understanding and brotherhood.

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