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Dear scholar and martyr, it was not
the king of England but you who
were the true defender of the faith.
Like Christ unjustly condemned,
neither promises nor threats could
make you accept a civil ruler
as head of the Christian Church.

Perfect in your honesty and love
of truth, grant that lawyers
and judges may imitate you and
achieve true justice for all


Give me the grace good Lord, to set
the world at naught; to set my mind
fast upon thee and not to hang upon
the blast of men’s mouths. To
be content to be solitary. Not to long
for worldly company but utterly
to cast off the world and rid my mind
of the business thereof.

A Minute More

“… I shall never be forsworn nor swear against my conscience.”

Letter to Margaret Roper (More’s eldest daughter) 17 April 1534 Tower of London

St. Thomas More uses the word conscience at least seventeen times in this letter written shortly after his imprisonment. It may be tempting in our day to project a modern connotation to the word that would not do justice to the broader and more collective meaning that the word carried for More in the early sixteenth century. We tend to view matters of conscience today as deeply personal and highly individual. But More’s sense of conscience was not a simple, “Everyone is entitled to his opinion.” It had none of the attributes of moral relativism whereby your truth is your truth and my truth is my truth.Continue Reading.